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From the government we have to no government at all?

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ViennaSausage Posted: Sun, Dec 23 2007 11:10 PM
Out of curiosity, how do you suggest we, as a country, as states, as communities, and/or as individuals proceed/progress towards an libertarian/anarchro-capitalistic society? In ideal terms? And in realistic terms? Can it really happen? IMHO, Ron Paul has spurred a movement and interest for many towards a libertarian/constitutionalist "government", and has inspired others to seek libertarian/anarchro-capitalistic society. I think getting him in office would be the first step in turning away from a socialist regime towards a truly libertarian world.

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Education is key. We have to get our ideas out there as much as is possible, and begin educating people, combatting the state 'education' system. Before any sort of revolution can take place, a revolution in the world of ideas must come first.


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JAlanKatz replied on Mon, Dec 24 2007 1:09 PM

I agree on the need for education.  The other prong, as it were, is secession.  The role of limited-government politics, as with Ron Paul, is to protect ourselves and others in the short term - certainly a great goal, but not necessarily connected to the larger goal.  Things like the Mises Institute are key to spreading the word.  I feel very strongly that we cannot introduce a "stealth libertarianism."  The active side of it is not so much trying to tear down the state policy by policy, but rather secession at ever smaller levels. 

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The formation and patronization of private, alternative institutions in competition with the state, even on black and grey markets. Mass civil disobedience, including tax resistance. Secession. Going expatriate. Reading, writting, speaking. Sea-steading.

All possible alternatives to voting or contributing a single penny of your money to anyone's political campaign.

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Kent C replied on Tue, Dec 25 2007 1:08 PM

I've been at it for thirty years.  I'm not optimistic.  We'd have to get mugged by reality before there's any significant change, and then, it could go in the opposite direction. 

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