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  • Conservative Libertarians

    I observe that there is a category of individuals that call themselves Conservative* Libertarians . They explain this by supporting libertarian economic policies and conservative social policies. Can this be consistent? In theory, maybe they achieve this, but what about in real world? When it comes to...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by LandJ on Sun, Oct 6 2013
  • All political systems are pure bull.

    I submit that anyone who subscribes to any sort of political ideal or label is full of bullsh*t. In order to give a more specific definition: This set includes people who call themselves Liberals, Conservatives, Independents, Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, etc. Anyone and everyone who can apply...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Austen on Fri, Jun 1 2012
  • What is (cultural) Conservatism?

    It is so ill defined and vague. When we examine it's alleged aspects we find our understanding of it is false and vague. Lets try to establish it's defining features:- Is it statism? Nope. There are both statist and non statist I.e. Anarchist conservatives.Whether you believe in government or...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by AnonLLF on Sun, May 23 2010
  • Carl Schmitt, Anyone?

    I recently found out that one of my favourite writers on political sociology, Paul Gottfriend, wrote a book on one of my other favourite authors of political theory, Carl Schmitt. Apparently Gottfried draws paralells between Schmitt and one of my new favourites in political philosophy, Thomas Hobbes...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Vichy Army on Thu, Apr 29 2010
  • Natural Elites

    Hey guys, Han Herman Hoppe states that: "In every society, a few individuals acquire the status of an elite through talent. Due to superior achievements of wealth, wisdom, and bravery, these individuals come to possess natural authority, and their opinions and judgments enjoy wide-spread respect...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by fancyshirtman on Sun, Feb 7 2010
  • Conservative??? Most are really not, are you?...

    If you think being a conservative is to be pro war, interventionists, or to be big government, you are wrong. This is mostly towards Americans. Conservatives have been looked down upon these last view years. But in reality, most people dont know what a conservative is in America. Lets try to clear some...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Isaac "Izzy" Marmolejo on Fri, Dec 18 2009
  • Re: Microsecession as a strategy and the prospects for a new Hanseatic League

    As you will find on the here mentionned links, the Hanseatic League's spirit has already been re-started in the city of Zwolle in the Netherlands, in 1980. You will find it at The actual president is the Mayor of the city of Luebeck in Germany. Since 1980, you have in summer, Hanseatic...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Brandy-Hans on Sun, May 3 2009
  • Political Definitions

    I would be interested in seeing a post, blog, website, etc that is devoted to defining political terms. I was at a Tea Party where I saw signs calling Obama a communist, a socialist, and a fascist. Which sign was correct? All three? What about Bush, what would we classify him as? I believe there are...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Gary Halpin on Sat, Apr 18 2009
  • Libertarianism = Conservatism?

    Link In this essay I examine the relationship between libertarianiam and conservatism, taking Block and Hoppe's views as a starting point for the analysis and then proposing that we redefine "conservative" as "one with a relatively low degree of time preference". All feedback...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by graham34 on Fri, Feb 13 2009
  • A dead Republic to a USSA

    Well it's a department that is most revered in America, mostly hated, some give thanks to it, others despise it for it's strict police policies, but it invites fear into our society that had remain peaceful and prosperous for many years. And that department is none other than Homeland Security...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Jimmy on Sun, Jan 25 2009
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