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  • Re: What's the deal with Somalia?

    [quote] The "anarchy" in Somalia is, to my knowledge, hardly comparable to the type envisioned by Rothbard of Friedman. It has no ruling government, although there is one technically in existence which is backed by the UN, and I believe that various tribes and tribal courts prevail as the de...
    Posted to History (Forum) by Torsten on Sun, Jul 29 2012
  • Proof that there are dumb statist liberals in the south.

    I had always hoped that the dumb yokels of the south would be on the side of Anarchism if the shit hit the fan (see: I hate da guvernmints), but there is a horrible, growing trend of these bastards that are becoming statists. Because who doesn't want free shit right?
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by amccord1986 on Sat, Jun 2 2012
  • Re: Good books on Somalia and Anarchy?

    Wed. 10/05/19 18:33 EDT . post #96 In case you missed this video (I know you asked for books, but...): Benjamin Powell, Stateless In Somalia
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by MMMark on Wed, May 19 2010
  • Re: If Anarchism works, explain Somalia.

    This one's always bugged me.I mean if somalia is what we believe in and statism is a failure too then we're screwed both ways and might as well give up all political thinking now. My thoughts on why somalia is not an example of the anarchy we believe in are 1. though the somalia's have the...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by AnonLLF on Sun, Feb 14 2010
  • Is Somalia Still Anarchy?

    I have seen many anarcho-capitalists use Somalia as an example of a stateless society. However, according to the map below, it looks like almost all of Somalia is either controlled by the Somaliland government, the TFG government, or one of the various Islamist governments. Is the map inaccurate, or...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by shazam on Wed, Dec 30 2009
  • Re: The Somalia argument

    I don't classify myself as one, but there is a difference between what anarchy is (or is supposed to be) and mere chaos . A temporary absence of a central government does not an anarchy make, and several violent groups competing to become one either. Believing, that in countries fresh out of a civil...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Peter Sidor on Wed, Dec 23 2009
  • american Revolution... FACT or FALSE?

    American revolution was one of the most revolutionary revolution in history. This was caused by the socio conflict between great Britain and colonials, inefficient government and economic issues. In the lates 18th century, the new social class called bourgeoisie appeared in the society of America. They...
    Posted to History (Forum) by Coprophage on Thu, Jul 9 2009
  • Property rights on Water : Somalian Pirate's Edition

    I read this on NYT article on Somali pirates. The piracy industry started about 10 to 15 years ago, Somali officials said, as a response to illegal fishing. Somalia’s central government imploded in 1991, casting the country into chaos. With no patrols along the shoreline, Somalia’s tuna-rich...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by prashantpawar on Fri, Nov 21 2008
  • Stateless States & Free Markets? Somalia - Good Example?

    So frequently when arguing with people about free markets, said people will declare free markets "the law of the jungle" or they will resort to citing third world nations as examples of the ultimate free market economies. It would seem that Somalia might be one example of this kind of nation...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by FeedMeLiberty on Sun, Nov 16 2008
  • Re: Failed States

    [quote] The Failed States Index 2008 The Rankings Page 2 of 9 This year, Somalia claims the unenviable distinction of being the state most at risk of failure. In many ways, Somalia has failed already, as the unpopular transitional government lacks control of the streets of Mogadishu—much less the...
    Posted to History (Forum) by Torsten on Sun, Jun 29 2008
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