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  • Logic should not be trusted.

    There is no reason to believe logic since the justifications for logic are based on the validity of logic and are therefore circular. For instance, the validity of Occam's Razor (being based on fact that the more assumptions one makes the more likely one is to be wrong) is dependent upon Occam's...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Luminar on Thu, Jun 28 2012
  • Incentive imped problem solving.
    Posted to General (Forum) by greywolf4744 on Sun, Sep 6 2009
  • What are ways to present your argument that are not fallicious?

    With all the ways that a fallacious argument can be presented, I would like to see ways that you can present an argument that is true. Is this a good example, the way Murry Rothbard tried to present his in man, economy, and state (sorry, I am only up to the second chapter)? If A is true, then B must...
    Posted to General (Forum) by eliotn on Sun, Oct 5 2008
  • Re: Best book to convert a socialist/social democrat?

    I think Kevin Carson's "Austrian and Marxist Theories of Monopoly Capital: A Mutualist Synthesis" would be great suggested reading for a Socialist (I'm currently reading it myself; I also think Carson would be an interesting start for a Socialist to look into viewpoints beyond their...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Nitroadict on Sun, Sep 7 2008
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