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  • Help Wanted: Making Country Pages

    What I want to create is a set of encyclopedic wiki pages on each country, with useful information for the student of Austrian Economics. A large part can be generated automatically - basic description, some features, stats - but that is all window dressing. The really interesting stuff will be links...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Peter Sidor on Wed, Sep 22 2010
  • Five Flags Theory

    Are you familiar with it? For those of you who don't know about it, the Five Flags Theory (there are variations with 3 and 6 flags) is a theory that advocates dividing some key aspects about yourself (citizenship, residence, business base, etc) and having each of them associated with a different...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Artur on Thu, Jun 24 2010
  • National flags and the state.

    I've noticed a number of libertarians refuse to salute or respect the U.S. flag for the reason that it was created by a government. what do you think of this? is saluting,respecting or in any way placing importance on national flags of any country actually respecting a state symbol. do flags represent...
    Posted to General (Forum) by AnonLLF on Thu, Jan 21 2010
  • Re: 3 Ideas to Improve/Sustain Democracy

    I agree with Inquisitor concerning that democracy is still a tyranny, just of the majority. I also realized that our country was largely a grand experiment, one with many wonks, and even though it was executed, still was far from perfect, whatever that may be. One thing I don't think people (outside...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Nitroadict on Mon, Mar 3 2008
  • Which country is the most Austrian?

    Hi there, I'm new here (just found this excellent place) but I've been libertarian and Austrian since I've started studying economics and political science. I'm going off to University in the UK in half a year, hopefully to do economics all the way to a PhD. Anyway enough with the chit...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Solredime on Wed, Jan 16 2008
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