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  • Why I don't believe in the non-aggression principle.

    I originally posted this to my tumblr and someone suggested that I post it to the Mises forums so that the responses could change my mind. I doubt it, but I'm doing it anyway. I used to be one of those “aggression/threats are inherently immoral” type of libertarian, but I’ve come...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Positive Agorist on Mon, Apr 30 2012
  • ethics of stock price manipulation

    I have been reading " Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" by Jesse Livermore, there he explains how he managed to 'manipulate' the stock price up (i.e buy back a small quantity of stocks to raise the price and stir up the interest of speculators) before unloading a huge pool of shares...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by passsingbird on Wed, Mar 28 2012
  • business ethics and the state

    "The only way to get businesses to act ethically is by Government regulation in the form of legislation. How else would it work?" Is this statement true, if not why not?
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by iddqdfree on Fri, Mar 23 2012
  • Libertarianism, Theology, and Religion

    Personally, I'm not a libertarian in the non-aggression sense (in principle my views could vary from "laissez-faire statism" [a more essential definition of ancap IMO] to totalitarianism depending on the exigencies of history), but I'm a Catholic and I would say that I believe that...
    Posted to General (Forum) by fakename on Tue, Dec 6 2011
  • Why is coercion bad?

    So I'm reading Ethics of Liberty , and Rothbard makes a distinction between freedom of choice and power or abundance of choice. If man is stranded on a deserted island, he has a completely unrestricted freedom of choice. Unfortunately, he doesn't have much of an abundance of choice: he can either...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by tunk on Sat, Nov 12 2011
  • What Gordon Gecko Really Said

    Gordon Gecko is reputed to have said "Greed is good." What should he have said? What could he have said?
    Posted to General (Forum) by David Rogers on Thu, May 26 2011
  • On the strategy of persuasion, a caveat.

    There is a disturbing trend that I’ve come across lately and that is when, people of anarcho-capitalism persuasion drag down their fellow free-market libertarians and minarchists for not going 'all the way'. Now i personally would say that support the rights-based anarcho-capitalist ideal;...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Cyther Lynx on Mon, Mar 7 2011
  • The non-state solution for Gadafi

    Hi, I am really sorry but in the moment I have some very very evil ideas. I am not even sure if this does not hint to a kind of character error of mine but ... ...what is the non-state solution to get rid of Gadafi? Here is how I would solve the problem ( I am not representative of the libertarian movement...
    Posted to Newbies (Forum) by Nadjeschda on Sat, Feb 26 2011
  • Selling videogames without IP...what do you think?

    So I am in an odd place... I adhere wholly to the libertarian viewpoint that "IP" is actually an unethical state monopoly, but I am an entrepreneur in an industry (videogames) where it's tough to find people who agree, and even harder to convince them that this is a sustainable practice...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by vagrantpostman on Sat, Feb 19 2011
  • Homesteading: Axiom or Principle?

    I get how self-ownership is axiomatic. I don't get how homesteading is axiomatic, yet I often hear it referred to as the "homesteading axiom" rather than the "homesteading principle." Is this it an axiom, or are some libertarians trying to prove too much?
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by geniusiknowit on Thu, Oct 14 2010
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