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  • Re: Is BitCoin the currency of the future?

    I've been reading the comments in this thread and am appalled by the level of ignorance and arrogance by anyone too scared to accept that a non-commodity backed currency could ever work. You all seem to forget that the sole purpose for money is to facilite exchange. One of the main reasosn you'd...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by rawfreedom on Tue, Mar 29 2011
  • Would Our Economy Have Grown As It Has Being on Gold Standard?

    Some have argued that our economy wouldn't have grown as it has were we still on the gold standard. This infers that the economy is a zero sum gain and that the only way to grow is via exports with a trade deficit in our favor. Trade aside, can an economy grow with a fixed supply of money?
    Posted to Newbies (Forum) by Pchiou on Sun, Nov 16 2008
  • Re: Questions regarding FED's interest rate mechanism

    @ meambobbo What a fantastic and highly detailed response. Thank you kindly, your time and knowledge is very much appreciated . There is a lot to 'chew over' in those replies! Allow me some time to crunch up those points in my mind and I'll get back to you with some more questions if need...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by fingolfin on Thu, May 22 2008
  • The Golden Constant

    There must be people on here that are aware of Roy Jastram's fascinating work "The Golden Constant". Its a book sized piece on the gold/commodity ratio from 1580 until 1976. Its a great read if you know about Mises' theory on the interest rate and the Gibson's paradox observation...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by npmcw on Thu, Dec 6 2007
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