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  • Re: Stefan Molyneux responds to David Gordon.

    Sat. 12/07/07 14:04 EDT . post #208 Just a tangential note here: I suggest editing your tags and separating the tags words with semi-colons. This will create multiple tags and hence multiple opportunities for people to find this post. As it stands, your (single) tag is just one long string of words,...
    Posted to General (Forum) by MMMark on Sat, Jul 7 2012
  • Re: David Gordon Layeth the Smackdown

    Sat. 12/07/07 13:11 EDT . post #207 [quote user="John James"] Just as a sidenote, I grow bored with MMMark quite quickly, ...[/quote]( Translation : "I've failed to goad MMMark into a pissing contest/flame war" ... ) [quote user="John James"]... and I honestly didn't...
    Posted to General (Forum) by MMMark on Sat, Jul 7 2012
  • Stefan Molyneux responds to David Gordon.

    'So it appears that I have been thoroughly called out by David Gordon at, ridiculed for my "preposterously bad" reasoning, told that I should learn how to construct basic arguments, and been loftily informed that I have failed miserably in my philosophical goals. The article is...
    Posted to General (Forum) by libertarian_conspiracy on Sat, Jul 7 2012
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