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  • Re: It's Not Government. It's Not Capitalism.

    [quote user="Thescout"]I believe in pragmatism. I'm a filthy statist, actually. [/quote] "...Dreams, that governments will keep you free, Dreams, that it ain't just war and slavery, Dreams, of your enforced equality, You keep dreaming, of your god democracy, You keep dreaming,...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by onebornfree on Sun, Mar 3 2013
  • Two books, and only two, to help someone start down the libertarian path

    A good friend of mine, who is very progressive/liberal, is often willing to have intelligent discussions with me about my anarcho-capitalist views. Recently, she said she was willing to learn more. I told her I have about 25 books, and it would take reading most of them to really get the whole picture...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by ag4apple on Sat, Nov 10 2012
  • Government, Anarcho Capitalism, Ron Paul -- just where does the solution lie?

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post on this site, and also I've yet to explore the resources and threads contained within. I felt compelled to write here for a few reasons not least because I would like to expand my own understanding of certain issues and also I would liked to be challenged and critiqued...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by TimFrost8 on Sat, Oct 1 2011
  • Rand on Rights

    The concept of politicals rights are so new to the world that they are not well understood. I'd like to go over this rich kernel of Rand's book Virtue of Selfishness which deals with what rights are, from whence they come, and what they mean. Also quite interesting is her description of how the...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Anenome on Thu, Sep 15 2011
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