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  • Is the human fetus a parasite according to science?

    this is what i saw on yahoo: THIS IS SCIENCE: FETUS IS NOT A BABY (GOOGLE THE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CHART), but a parasite because the classification of the biological relationship that is based on the behavior one organism (fetus) and how it relates to the woman's body: as a zygote, it invaded the woman's...
    Posted to General (Forum) by gale routh on Sat, Feb 4 2012
  • Re: God Proven to Exist According to Mainline Physics

    [quote user="liberty student"] James, a couple questions... 1. Why are you posting this here? It doesn't appear to be relevant to Austrian Economics at all. 2. Why are you cramming all of these links in here? Also, your signature doesn't meet the community guidelines for links. You...
    Posted to General (Forum) by James Redford on Tue, Nov 25 2008
  • God Proven to Exist According to Mainline Physics

    God has been proven to exist based upon the most reserved view of the known laws of physics. For much more on that, see Prof. Frank J. Tipler's below paper, which among other things demonstrates that the known laws of physics (i.e., the Second Law of Thermodynamics, general relativity, quantum mechanics...
    Posted to General (Forum) by James Redford on Mon, Nov 24 2008
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