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  • A lesson we could all learn from China

    The PRC is fond of referring to its political system, quite honestly, as 'socialism with Chinese characteristics'. What's everyone say to the idea of extending this trope to all nations' systems of government? The USA's is 'socialism with American characteristics', Germany's...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by MadMiser on Fri, Jun 1 2012
  • A brief essay on the dangers of partisanship in libertarianism.

    War of Words: Communicating the ideas of liberty while avoiding partisanship in politics. I have had both the fortune and misfortune of finding Libertarianism and Austrian Economics at a critical time. The ideas of Mises, Rothbard and so many more contemporary thinkers are experiencing a boom, Ron Paul...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Adam Magoon on Wed, May 26 2010
  • Re: Pope calls for global authority on the economy... (Incorrect)

    And I have a good guess as to who he wants to control the one-world government and one-world economy. Once a Nazi, always a Nazi. I still am baffled by those on the right who claim that Christianity is somehow linked to the Western tradition of freedom and individuality. As far as religions go, Christianity...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Wanderer on Sat, Jul 11 2009
  • The Fateful Future of the United States

    The Dow Jones up 244.84 points, The US dollar looses against the Euro & Pound again, Insurgent and suicide attacks still remain a constant burden on US forces, Home foreclosures remain in the millions nationwide, and both Bank of America merged with Citigroup are in the talks of being of Nationalized...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Jimmy on Sun, Jan 25 2009
  • Manga version of Karl Marx's 'Das Capital' selling well in Japan

    I came across an interesting article today talking about a manga (comic book) version of Karl Marx's 'Das Capital' selling in Japan. Although I must admit it's interesting to see ideology conveyed in this manner, at the same time it's unfortunate that people are starting to lose faith...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Bluebird on Tue, Dec 23 2008
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