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  • Re: Sociology, Critical Theorists of the Frankfurt school, neo marxists

    I think comparing sociology to fiat money is accurate. Fiat money exists because of compulsory monopoly of the mint, Sociology(or most of it anyway) exists because of state monopoly over intellectuals.
    Posted to General (Forum) by Kenneth on Tue, Apr 13 2010
  • Sociology, Critical Theorists of the Frankfurt school, neo marxists

    What do you think of the field of sociology? Are they worth getting into? I took a class in sociology and I didn't learn much. For one it felt like Marxist indoctrination and the topics that were not politically charged didn't seem to be based on any solid theoretical grounding. My sociology...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Kenneth on Wed, Apr 7 2010
  • Re: Praxeology

    [quote user="I. Ryan"] [quote user="AJ"] I don't think the other fields have been developed much yet. Anything that can be studied in terms of human action can in theory be a field of praxeology. I have seen psychological action and ethical action be referred to as possible fields...
    Posted to General (Forum) by AnonLLF on Wed, Jan 27 2010
  • Libertarianism and sociology

    has much work been done in the field of sociology from a libertarian or quasi libertarian perspective? I know of robert nisbet- though he was a conservative and also charles murray -though he's hardly a consistent libertarian by any stretch.theres hoppe too -he's done a talk comparing different...
    Posted to General (Forum) by AnonLLF on Tue, Nov 10 2009
  • Praxeology and Sociology

    For a while now my mind has been wondering into the delicate but dangerous field of social theory. But like with most complaints leveled against mainstream economics by Austrian economists, sociology is such a wide and expansive field, and what it aims to cover--the study of groups, whether small, interpersonal...
    Posted to General (Forum) by codyed on Tue, Mar 24 2009
  • Re: Sociology and Economics

    How very dark of a name Corpus. Great answer though. Stephen your question I find to be very good, and well rebuted by our new danish friend. I would like to take a different approach. What is sociology? Not an easy awnser. It may depend on how you define it, but I have found a fine definition of it...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Bank Run on Sun, Sep 14 2008
  • Re: Sociology and Economics

    Your question can really be answered on multiple levels. It all depends what you mean when you say 'sociology' and 'economics'. Since you are contemplating majoring in sociology, I will, in this reply, consider both terms in the more mainstream scope. As much as I love Ludwig von Mises...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by corpus delicti on Sun, Sep 14 2008
  • The end of economics?

    Marginal Revolution has an interesting article: They argue that we more or less know everything we wanted to know about markets and therefore the next big question is to ask what conditions cause the emergence of a more...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Miklos Hollender on Tue, Mar 11 2008
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