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  • Re: Voluntary Cooperation

    The Mises Wiki project advanced nicely and is almost completed. For your convenience, I present: - an index of pages about Privately supplied public goods . Features many examples, some theory, and tons of further resources if you need a reading list or to do some research. Please review and let me know...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Peter Sidor on Mon, Feb 25 2013
  • Tyler Cowen: Two Prisms for Looking at China’s Problems

    Tyler Cowen sums up his views on China's future with the Keynesian and Austrian approach - he doesn't get all of it right, but he is close! He also very kindly links to the Mises Wiki, despite apparently not reading it: "The Austrian view has a hard time explaining how so many investors...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Peter Sidor on Wed, Aug 15 2012
  • Austrian predictions, once again

    There is now a wiki page about Austrian predictions . Does anybody know about more instances of successful predictions (say, e.g. the Japanese bubble or the L&S crisis)?
    Posted to History (Forum) by Peter Sidor on Thu, Jan 12 2012
  • November News from the Mises Wiki

    What’s new in the Mises Wiki? the October contest has been won by our undefeated champion Matthew! another contest has just started for November the drive for more content about Intellectual Property drive is over (but of course, anyone can reopen it), another Call for Action beckons. :) our Meetups...
    Posted to Help and Support (Forum) by Peter Sidor on Mon, Nov 7 2011
  • An Idiot’s Guide to the Greek Debt Crisis

    What a nice little article ! :) Would anybody be interested in writing a similar article (even with the same name) in the Mises Wiki on the same topic, from an Austrian Economics point of view? There's plenty of material here , just needs somebody to simplify it.
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Peter Sidor on Mon, Nov 7 2011
  • Call to Action: Intellectual Property

    The topic of Intellectual Property seems to evoke great emotions in its opponents and defenders. It is time to document IP from an Austrian point of view and summarize both sides of the debate – what is the perceived problem, what are the possible solutions and how would (and could) the world look...
    Posted to Help and Support (Forum) by Peter Sidor on Wed, Sep 7 2011
  • The Great 2011 MisesWiki Improvement Drive

    The MisesWiki organizes a contest: the 2011 article improvement drive . During the whole month of September , contestants will be awarded points for their contributions. All participants will be honored, but the one with the most points at the end of the month will receive a sparkling $50 gift certificate...
    Posted to Help and Support (Forum) by Peter Sidor on Thu, Aug 25 2011
  • Re: Operation Panic Time

    And the Operation is herewith officially over.. Check the list of major financial crises in history , there is at least a short summary (stub) for each, and many have more. Enjoy, next time we can try something more crowd-pleasing. :)
    Posted to History (Forum) by Peter Sidor on Fri, Jul 1 2011
  • Re: Expanding from the mediawiki idea - have another section for "debate" material

    Perhaps you mean something like this: Argumentation:ABCT ?
    Posted to General (Forum) by Peter Sidor on Thu, Jun 16 2011
  • Re: Operation "Expand the Mises Wiki"

    On this page there is a template that can be used when text from Wikipedia is used. It says that: "We encourage users to make original contributions, since Wikipedia's text requires that all uses of their text carry a license more restrictive than the license Mises Wiki uses." I started...
    Posted to General (Forum) by John James on Fri, Apr 8 2011
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