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21 year old (except for Chloe; I'm 19 in his world!), living in Belgium, Antwerp. Liberal by birth, Anarchist by education. Passed with honors on the Mündliche Prufung 2 times (2009, 2010). Made it to the final 6 once (2009). Got my undergraduate degree in philosophy with a bachelor thesis on the relationship between Mises his methodology, vision of the market process, with special emphasis on economic calculation, his criticisms of socialism and interventionism and his liberal ideology. Currently writing my masters thesis on 'Foundations of Anarchy: Moral, Economic and Political'. Seeking a reunification between all branches of Austrian economics. I'm a member of the board of the Belgian based Murray Rothbard Institute, of which I'm the 'university responsible', i.e. it's my responsibility to organize intellectual events. We had, for example, a Hayek Seminar in honour of the 50th anniversary of The Constitution of Liberty. 

I'm also writing a Dutch introduction in Anarchist thought (morality, economics, politics, ...), because there is none.

I'm also managing a quality reading group on Human Action, Man, Economy and State and additional papers on facebook. If you want to join in; feel free to contact me, but we do ask that you keep up with the readings or you will get kicked out (if you repeatedly fail to participate). (Notice the enforcement mechanism so that everyone keeps participating?) 

Anything else? Just ask;

(And yes; I AM full of myself!) ;) 


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mwalsh wrote Interesting things
on Tue, Sep 7 2010 7:39 PM

Do you randomly highlight posts? How did you find that?