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BBB wrote Books
on Wed, Sep 8 2010 1:20 AM

Here is a list of most of the books. I think I have missed a few off and some may be duplicated as I compiled it from different lists. I live in England, so on the assumption that you live across the pond (do you?!) I have omitted some cheap but heavy books. Let me know which books you are interested in and I can give more details about condition, whether hardback etc. (almost all are in very good condition). Sorry been busy so thought it best to give you this list to think about.


Regards, Ben


1) Mises Institute:

Hayek - Individualism and Economic Freedom
Sennholz - Politics of Unemployment
Mises - Economic Calculation in the socialist

Holcombe (ed) - 15 Great Austrian Economists

(republished as The Great Austrian Economists, but the

book is the same)
Kirzner - Ludwig von Mises
Zmirak - Wilhelm Ropke
Higgs - Crisis and Leviathan
Ropke - Crises & Cycles
von Humboldt - The Limits of State Action (Liberty Fund,

not Mises Institute edition)
Mises - Epistemological Problems of Economics
Smith - Rationale of Central Banking
Mises - Economic Freedom and Interventionism
Woods - The Church and The Market
Acton - Morals of Markets and Related Essays
Rothbard - Ethics of Liberty
Hazlitt - Failure of the New Economics
Benson - The Enterprise of Law
Leoni - Freedom and the Law
Hoppe - Theory of Socialism and Capitalism
Van Creveld - Rise and Decline of the State
De Jouvenel - On Power
Hayek - Individualism & Economic Order
Mises - The Causes of the Economic Crisis
Phillips - Banking and the Business Cycle
Robbins - The Great Depression
Selgin - Praxeology and Understanding
Haberler - Prosperity and Depression
Kemmerer - Gold and the Gold Standard
Paul - End the Fed
Murphy - Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism
Chamberlain - The Roots of Capitalism
Menger - Principles of Economics
Cochran and Glahe - Hayek-Keynes Debate - Lessons for

Current Business Cycle Research
Stringham (ed) - Anarchy and the Law
Woods - Meltdown
Hayek - Pure Theory of Capital


2) Foundations of Market Economy series:
Lewin - Capital in Disequilibrium
Kirzner - Driving force of the market
Kirzner - Meaning of the market process
Harper - Entrepreneurship and the market process
Ikeda - Dynamics of the mixed economy
Steele - Keynes and Hayek
Vanberg - Rules and Choice in Economics

3) Other Austrian economics mostly + some libertarian:
Rothbard - Logic of action vol 1
Tomlinson - Hayek and the market
Kirzner - Perception, Opportunity and Profit
Oakley - The Revival of Modern Austrian Economics
Ebeling - Austrian Economics and the Political Economy

of Freedom
Lavoie - National Economic Planning: What is Left
Grassl and Smith - Austrian Economics
High - Maximizing Action and Market Adjustment
Elgar Companion to Austrian Economics (VERY USEFUL)
Rizzo & O'Driscoll - The Economics of time and ignorance
Vaughn - Austrian economics in America
Mathews - Strategizing, Disequilibrium and Profit
Boettke (ed) - Market Process
Caldwell (ed) - Carl Menger and His Legacy in Economics
Prychitko (ed) - Individuals, institutions,

interpretations: hermeneutics applied to economics
Horwitz - Monetary Evolution, Free Banking, and Economic

Glasner - Free Banking and Monetary Reform
Beito et al (ed) - The Voluntary City
Benson - To Serve and Protect
Benson - The Enterprise of Law
Schumpeter - Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy
Randy Barnett - Structure of Liberty
Kirzner (ed) - Method, Process and Austrian Economics

(Festschrift for Mises)
Kirzner (ed) - Subjectivism, Intelligibility and

Economic Understanding (Festschrift for Lachmann)
Hayek - Studies in Politics, Philosophy and Economics
Gray - Hayek on Liberty (2nd edition)
Caldwell - Hayek's Challenge
O'Driscoll and Rizzo - The Economics of Time and

Hayek - Socialism and War
Heilperin - Aspects of the pathology of money
Yeager - Ethics as Social Science
Martin - Men Against the State
Narveson - The Libertarian Idea
Boettke et al - The Economic Way of Thinking (12th

White - Theory of Monetary Institutions
White - Competition and Currency
D Friedman - Machinery of Freedom



4) Most other and textbooks:
Using Econometrics: a practical guide (5th edition) (has

a note on the back saying not for sale in the United

States or Canada)
Varian - Microeconomic Analysis (2nd edition paperback)
Gibbons - Primer in Game Theory
Dow - Economic Methodology: an inquiry
Hausman - Philosophy of economics
Hausman - Inexact and Separate Science of Economics
Anderson and Hill - The Not So Wild Wild West
Schumpeter - History of Economic Analysis
Olson - Logic of Collective Action
North - Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic

Watson and Head - Corporate Finance (3rd edition)
Asteriou and Hall - Applied Econometrics: A modern

approach using eviews and microfit revised edition
Oz Shy - Industrial Organization
Milton Friedman - Price Theory
Salanie - Economics of Contracts (1st edition)
Franklin Fisher - Disequilibrium Foundations of

Equilibrium Economics
Laffont and Bonin - The Economics of Uncertainty and

Eales - Financial Engineering

Hayek - Prices and Production
Hayek - Monetary Theory and The Trade Cycle
Mises - Theory of Money and Credit
Lachmann - Structure of Capital
Gray - The Development of Economic Doctrine: An Introductory Survey