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  • How to Quote a post in a reply on the Mises Forums

    I have made a post here explaining how to get some of this functionality back. Let me know if pictures would be helpful. If you have any questions, ask here. Big thanks to Nir for helping make this...
  • I've done a lot of reading and research and I still feel like a noob.

    I've read a lot of literature here. I feel like a total newb to this stuff still. I am only starting to understand the basic precepts of the austrian theory of economics only now because I am seeing in practice how terribly the keneysian economic...
  • Major inventions

    How do austrians come to accept that many major inventions and leaps in technology in the last 50 years have been made by the government or military? I mean the development of computers, satellites and the internet have all been funded by governments...
  • Re: "We owe it to ourselves" - what is wrong with public debt?

    I'll illustrate the concept (really the canard) of "owing it to ourselves" with a real-life example: Social Security. Social Security provides monetary benefits for people under certain conditions, the most common of which is reaching a...
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