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  • Re: *** July 2011 low content thread ***

    I live in the Pacific Northwest, forest capital of the United States. Anyone who says that public lands don't result in more frequent and more severe wildfires is full of shit. Privately owned forests look nothing like their public counterparts. You...
    by Clayton
  • Re: *** November Low Content Thread ***

    Zlatko, for next time, it's just: [view : : 640 : 385] Just without the spaces.
  • Re: A compelling argument for privatising education?

    He said that as things stand, the rich can still afford to pay the taxes and send their kids to private school. This made me think, in a sense education for the rich could be considered a more inelastic good, whereas for the poor their funds for education...
  • Re: A compelling argument for privatising education?

    Government schools are crap. They are crap everywhere in the world. No government gets it "right." And it's a myth that the "rich" pay for government schools... landowners (at least in the US) pay for government schools and most...
    by Clayton
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