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39 years old
Lawton, Oklahoma
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Andy (Donkey) Hayes is a damn fine individual- rather, man- no, make that Southern man. We live in a day whose younger generation glories chiefly in the wonders of video games, television, movies, sex, and vain consumerism. Among other things, study is shunned for cheap entertainment and integrity is abandoned for animalistic desire; good men (as many upstanding women can attest to) are few and far between, and it is not uncommon for their scarcity to be just as common in our churches. Enter the Donkey: a paradoxical creature whose "unique" blend of traits and tastes defies most irrational mind's expectations. He is firstly a man of principle, in particular those rooted in his faith and classical views of liberty and the republic. Apart from these, he enjoys farming, philosophy, quality beer and tobacco, hookahs, reading, country music, south park, chicken, and making fun of hippies (who really suck). Other than myself of course, he is the most intelligent and well-rounded individual of my generation that I have yet encountered.
I am the Meerkat- and I approve this message.



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Gregoravich wrote comfusion
on Thu, Feb 25 2010 12:31 PM

oww well basically i was doing some research for sociology and stumbled accros the forum about communism so thaught i would join and get involved... i love politics i just hate what it has become if that makes sense lol

Gregoravich wrote conversation
on Wed, Feb 24 2010 4:54 PM

hey, yer i would be intrested in talking to you some more... i am on facebook and my name is Gregory O' Farrell. i cant find your exact profile though im affrraid