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Born one place, lived in another. Read a lot of books, raised a lot of Caine. Currently spend my time working and harassing lefties.

Interests include economics, metaphysics, ontology, epistemology, history, particle physics, quantum electro-dynamics, reactionary politics, amoralism and comic cooks.

I like Joseph de Maistre, Ludwig von Mises, Thomas Carlyle, Max Stirner, Friedrich Nietzsche, H.L. Mencken, Edmund Burke and Benito Mussolini.


  • Fri, Aug 27 2010
  • Gone, Daddy, Gone
    I am imploding my account (making it impossible for me to log back in) because I am tired of wasting time with these idiots. Worthwhile people find me on your own, the rest of you go to Hell.
  • Mon, Aug 23 2010
  • A Clever Facebook Interest
    Click this link and then click 'like' to add the phrase "I support Iran just to spite stupid conservatives who call Persians 'arabs' and think 'Islamofascism' exists" to your Facebook interests.
  • Sat, Aug 21 2010
  • LOL
    Got kicked from Mises chat this morning because Knight of BAWAA didn't know the definition of hypocrisy and I called him on it. He got pissy and snarky and used his IMPRESSIVE INTERNET MOD POWERS. What a joke. So I got banned for trolling by the biggest troll in the forum. By his own definition (the wrong one) that makes Knight a hypocrite.
  • Fri, Aug 20 2010
  • Quizzling
    A post with a couple links criticizing two major 'libertarian' political quizzes for their loaded and leading questions and bogus results. Address the 'World's Smallest Political Quiz' and the Center for a Stateless Society's Philosophy Quiz.

My Comments

whakaheke wrote df
on Wed, Jun 16 2010 9:59 PM
finally got around to reading that J. Friedman critique of libertarianism and found it pretty weak as a critique of libertarianism as such (though it was pretty good against the specific moralizing in books he cited) . JC Lester's reply highlights most of the big problems, though i'd be prepared to argue any of them:
Telpeurion wrote Metaphysics.
on Tue, May 18 2010 10:33 PM
What do you know of the anima?
lordaltay wrote The Duce
on Sat, May 8 2010 1:25 AM
Now, now, let's not speak ill of the Duce ;-)
Nitroadict wrote what were you're deleted "trollish" comments?
on Fri, Apr 30 2010 5:35 PM
just curious :D
fancyshirtman wrote .
on Sat, Apr 24 2010 8:04 AM

Benito Mussolini eh?

Not really a champion of laissez-faire was he?