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Ricky James Moore II

38 years old
Brush Prairie, Washington
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My Bio

Gary Concord Sr. was born during the first World War, in which he lost his parents. Attempting to create peace on Earth, Concord became a great scientist and military tactician. In 1950, an accident imprisoned him in his lab, but his chemicals let him survive in suspended animation until the year 2174, when he was recovered by an earthquake. In addition to the prolonged life, the chemicals had made Concord grow several inches and gain super-human strength as well as immunity to poison gases. As Ultra-Man, Concord became the era's champion and helped the America of the time to overcome the threat of the tyrant Rabborizon. After marrying Rabborizon's daughter Leandra, Ultra-Man became the society's High Moderator. In the year 2214, the couple had a child. Eventually, Rabborizon returned and killed Leandra. Struck by grief, Ultra-Man killed Rabborizon in return. His life-span prolonged, Gary Concord Sr. died from old age in 2239.


  • Sun, Apr 10 2011
  • Fuck this place
    You know what? I hate forums. I hate the people here. Screw this place.
  • Sun, Feb 6 2011
  • The Danger of Reformism
    I am highly suspicious of any 'libertarian' who considers the pet preferences of non-violent individuals to be a 'barrier' to his vision of society.. It strikes me as a rebirth of Millenialism in a secular, libertarian guise; the inability to mind one's own business and leave well enough alone. The same spirit that prompted prohibition animates many of these 'left' libertarians. Also the existence of 'racism' in the West, outside of liberal PC attitudes towards minorities, is grossly exagerrated. Robert M. Thornton wrote of Albert Jay Nock that, "Albert Jay Nock was not a reformer and found offensive any society with a “monstrous itch for changing people.” He had “a great horror of every attempt to change anybody; or I should rather say, every wish to change anybody; for that is the important thing.” Whenever one “wishes to change anybody, one becomes like the socialists, vegetarians, prohibitionists; and this, as Rabelais says, ‘is a terrible thing to think upon.’” The only thing we can do to improve society, he declared, “is to present society with one improved unit.” Let each person direct his efforts at himself or herself, not others; or as Voltaire put it, “Il faut cultiver notre jardin.” I ardently agree. Let people be, and stop poking around in their business. They might be inclined to do the same for you. Blowback is not merely a military concept, it has applications across the spectrum of human society.

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