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Heath Robertson

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48 years old
Jackson, WY
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Graphic Design. Studying Web Development/Programming. Born & raised in Western Wyoming on a cattle ranch. Think "Little House on the Parry" with electricity, plumbing, a tractor, and not much else. Corner Stones: Always learning something new, Libertarian philosophy, outdoor sports, and a wife whom I adore.


  • Fri, Jul 16 2010
  • We are building a house.
    Zoning Laws and Planning Departments chap my a**! 7 weeks for a government entity to tell me what I already know, "Everything is okay, you may build now.", I know it is okay, I had it designed that way. It's my dirt, it's my house, keep your fingers out of my plate! Don't you know governments carry diseases! I am sure this is what it would be like to get an involuntary rectal exam when you walked by the hospital, disconcerting. At least that is how I feel, violated!

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