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  • Re: Democracy vs. capitalism: a question

    JimmyJazz: Also, you said: "Property rights require no arbitrary monopoly on force. And yes, I very much reject a national entity enforcing property rights as well. Property rights is people owning stuff and trading for what others own. And if they...
  • Re: How would you convince a poor person to become libertarian?

    I think it is nearly impossible to convince her to become a libertarian until after she has improved her life. I mean, good luck with the abolish the minimum wage argument and end food stamps to someone who is truly dependent on those things. I think...
    by Prime
  • Re: How would you convince a poor person to become libertarian?

    z1235: Why would trying to convince this person be different from convincing any other person? Well, you wouldn't start by telling her it is immoral to take money from rich people in order to give it to poor people. She will probably not be sympathetic...
    by idol
  • Re: Question for Marxists, Socialists, ect...

    Nerditarian: Why is it OK then for a single entity to have a monoply of power on a small teritory like a city? I'm not an anarchist, I just like decentralization. As a non-anarchist, I belong to the vast majority of humanity, and I'd say that...
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