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  • Re: Demonization of Muslims and Islam

    John James: 0:37 - 0:50 - "[the term 'religion'] names a truly diverse spectrum of facsinations and ideological commitments." Fact. I’m hesitant to say it is factual as stated there, since it seems to conflate religion with religionists...
    by Groucho
  • Re: Statheists

    (Note: This post is predicated on the notion that secular commentary from theists, such as on sociology and psychology, is permitted. If it is not, I apologize, and will request this post be deleted) This is a rather interesting subject for me. I have...
  • Re: Walter Block on Milton Friedman

    Walter has a point in that ultimately coercing people against their will qua a 'good samaritan' is a possible action, but brings consequences, due to the fact that it is morally permissable to resist the coercion, and to see it as a tort. It was...
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