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  • 'Body Snatching' as an unintended consequence of UK law.

    Before 1832 ,there arose a practice in Britain ( as well as occuring in the U.S.)of digging up recently buried corpses and selling them or using them for dissection on the medical slab.This practice was known as 'body snatching' and those who...
    by AnonLLF
  • Re: Ask a Marxist anything.

    At least he's not a Keynesian.
  • Re: Dollars New Design

    Here's the real future design - soon available in handy 12 roll packs - while a little larger than the old design, the new bills offer increased security, convenience, and a squeezably soft new paper!
    by bbnet
  • Re: Some Thoughts.

    Once you get passed "standard microeconomics" the analysis becomes more complicated and increasingly fruitful. Asymmetric Information : The calculation argument is so powerful precisely because of the existence of asymmetric information, that...
    by Student
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