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I was born in Napa County, California, and have been a life-long resident of Lake County, California.  As of August 2008 I will be a resident of Gambier, Ohio, where I will be attending Kenyon College, possibly to study economics in a school where Austrianism is an alien method and praxeology an unfamiliar science.

I've been a lifelong proponent of conservatism in a broad sense, the conservatism of common sense, cultural renewal, laissez-faire, and local custom-tradition.  I have identified as a corporatist, distributist, palaeoconservative, reactionary, and traditionalist, but have since dropped the first two labels in favor of agorism and capitalism.  I call myself a palaeo-anarchist and stand proudly in the Old Rightist and anti-statist tradition of Lane, Mencken, Nock, and Rothbard.  My intellectual hero is Hans-Hermann Hoppe, a conservative-libertarian rationalist who synthesises cultural traditionalism with anti-statist radicalism á la Bill Kauffman, Lew Rockwell, Murray Rothbard, and Joseph Sobran.

While interested in economic science and especially its basis in Misesian-Hoppean praxeology, my speciality is cultural analysis and the study of the effects of statism on society.  I am an amateur historian in the mould of Oswald Spengler and I see the ascent and decline of civilisation as congruent with the contraction and expansion of the State, respectively.


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