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  • Accounting for "Exploitation" in Laissez Faire America

    I just finished reading Preacher . One thing that really struck me was Cassidy's flashbacks to Ireland in the early 1900s and his immigration to America. Ireland was a warzone at that time, getting shot up and bombed by the british. It is no wonder...
    by Sieben
  • government works on a different level

    Here's something I've been trying to think through. It's probably been thought about before, so, I'd thought I'd post it to speed up my thinking on this topic. I'm noticing through various conversations, outside of this forum ...
  • Re: Absolutely shameful article on

    So when Obama is going to announce that you'll have to pay heavier taxes on everything to save the Earth you'll probably not only agree, but ask to pay more? Or you'll do the same as all the elegant leftists, ask that someone else pay for...
    by Kakugo
  • Re: How to make the pin stand?

    z1235: Realization of NAP is Utopian: NAP is really NIAP (No INITIAL Aggression Principle), as aggression in response to a perceived threat (or to aggresion) is presumably OK. The problem with implementation of this principle lays with the non-existence...
    by Conza88
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