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Not accepting friends right now.  Please do not send or e-mail requests.  Thank you.

Farewell to the forum...

In lieu of participating in the forum, I've decided to invest my time reading and studying economics (of the Austrian perspective).  An hour reading Mises will be more productive for me at this point than an hour in the forum.  So much to read, so little time.  The year spent in the forum taught me things I would never have learned on my own.  No regrets.

Special thanks to Grayson, Esuric, and Jonathan for sharing their excellent command of AE (and other subjects) in this forum.

Other Thoughts:

I believe the debate about the correct business cycle theory is not merely an academic one.  Rather, the decision to intervene in the ecnomy by a select few is a matter of life and death for millions of people who are impacted by this decision.

The Crisis of Interventionism - Human Action, Chapter 36

Deficit Financing and Inflation - L. v Mises 

The Demand for Money and the Supply of Money

Exchange Within Society - Human Action Ch. 10

The Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle - Mises

Austrian Business Cycles, Plucking Models, and Real Business Cycles - Cochran

Austrian Business Cycles - Garrison

Understanding the Austrian Business Cycle - Skousen


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