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I'm a 29 year old "anarchist without adjectives".  My theory of revolution is Agorism. I studied Economics in grad school at Walsh College of Business, when the department was essentially 100% Austrian; about midway through I attended the Mises University seminar (summer of 2006).

I am a research analyst with a major B2B market research firm.  Currently I'm not working on any "research" per se, I'm working with a team of exceptionally capable TPMs, DBAs, programmers, and senior research personnel to develop a web-based software/database application to facilitate future research. I'm primarily charged with testing the application and training the rest of the researchers.

I still don't know anything about database applications, but I've become a self-taught whiz with VBA in Microsoft Excel, this has come in handy for creating uniform inputs for the application, but also for automating Excel-based charts and report graphics.

When I'm not doing Nerd work or reading contrarian economic analyses, I prefer to be: snowboarding (in the winter), running or biking (in the spring/fall) or barbecuing with friends (in the summer).


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