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  • Daniel Kuehn's Paper on the 1920-21 Depression

    So I just read Daniel Kuehn’s “A Critique of the Austrian School Interpretation of the 1920-1921 Depression,” and I must say that there’s nothing original in that paper and that it doesn’t even attempt to invalidate the arguments...
    by Esuric
  • Human Action Comics by Lilburne

    Issue # Topic Picassa Facebook YouTube 1 The Basics View in Picassa -->Temporarily Unavailable in Facebook --> View in YouTube (older, incomplete version) 2 Subjective Theory of Value View in Picassa View in Facebook View in YouTube 3 Marginal Theory...
  • Re: A problem with the free-market?

    The hypothetical example created was that if a worker put a year of labor onto creating a $5500 train that takes 5 years to create, he is not entitled to 1/5 of it, but instead merely the present value of the goods he produced. He goes on to say that...
    by Esuric
  • Re: The Conservative Case for QE2, Or, Why I Still Will Not Be an Austrian.

    DD5: So you don't come off as being evasive again, why don't you address the specific questions here (specifically the first two comments): Because your constructing an argument from nothing. I don't need to address your questions, as they...
    by filc
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