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Neodoxy wrote No Problem
on Mon, Aug 13 2012 2:31 PM
Don't mention it, I only encourage those who need encouragement. This forum sort of fell out of its glory days shortly before I made this account when posting giants like Esuric, Stranger, Wilderness, Sieben, Hayekianxyz, and eventually even Liberty Student stopped posting either entirely or rarely do anymore. This meant that for about a year we were kind of stuck doing nothing more than teaching noobs how to argue basic libertarianism and occasionally a good economic discussion. Over the past few months I've seen an increasingly large reversal in this trend towards a higher level of philosophical, political, and economic inquiry. This is in large part because of reasonably long-time posters like Clayton, Gotlucky, Aristippus, Jargon, and hopefully myself becoming increasingly well read, educated, and confident. It really is remarkable the level of discussion that goes on here, especially when you visit other political forums where you have right wing idiots running around screaming about how Obama's a communist and left wing fools putting the whole issue down to whether or not we want the poor to die in the streets or the economy to recover at all. Anyway, that's my history and forum commentary for the day. Hope you enjoyed :P Here's to hopes of continued contributions to intelligent discussion and intellectual progress.
Neodoxy wrote Good Posts
on Mon, Aug 13 2012 12:40 PM
I wanted to tell you that I've really enjoyed the posts you've been making since your arrival here. Keep posting, we don't have nearly enough good posters around, and you might want to get yourself a real avatar now you're over the 100 post mark. Someday I'll also get a chance to fully respond to your post on ethics in the a priorism and politics thread.