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I no longer hold any of the views expressed on this site. I have never truly enjoyed politics as an application of intellect, though I admitted the necessity of aligning oneself with the least objectionable position. I have not at any time known what that position was. I have held positions at every end of the spectrum, including views I deeply regret having, including radical socialism, anarcho-capitalism, and neoliberalism. Without supporting it, I have in the past considered the legitimacy of violent revolution, and concluded that it is not a legitimate course of action except in the most dire cases of oppression. Instead, it usually brings only needless death. At this point in time, I consider myself generally apolitical and affirm that, while a violent state controlling and suppressing citizens with fearful threats of violence is certainly unnecessary, it is often a reality that we can so little about other than protest peacefully and work to spread awareness of. Creating an educated populace which believes in purpose is essential regardless of political stance. As such, I now focus on matters other than politics most of the time.


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Autolykos wrote Hi
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Mind explaining your latest post? Based on your posting history, it's entirely out-of-character. Are you trolling? Or is there something else going on?