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  • Sat, Feb 19 2011
  • Churchill's Chamberlain: The Unnecessary War (WWII)

    “Churchill’s Chamberlain: The Unnecessary War,” an article by Ronald Bleier, 
    is projected as the first in a series intended to unveil some of  the hidden history of the origins of WWII.  The intention is to present evidence detailing Chamberlain’s role as the indespensable  enabler of Hitler’s aggressions.
    The introductory six page article, " Churchill's Chamberlain: The Unnecessary War" can be found at:

    The first two paragraphs follow: 

    In the “Preface” to The Gathering Storm, volume I of his World War II memoirs, Winston Churchill writes that when President Roosevelt asked for suggestions about what the war should be called, he replied that it should be called “the Unnecessary War. There never was a war more easy to stop.

    Churchill doesn't explain in his brief "Preface" how war could have been prevented, but two thirds of his memoir is taken up with Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's conduct in office in the crucial years 1937-1940. During that time Churchill was the most high profile critic of the prime minister's appeasement policies, marked by Britain's extraordinary and devastating security concessions to Hitler. Churchill was particularly outraged by what he saw as the prime minister's purposeful obstruction of British rearmament in the face of the manifest threat from Germany. Churchill's book may be read as a record of his frustration and its sum and substance amounts to an indictment of Chamberlain.

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