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  • Are libertarians inherently thick?

    So the orthodox definition of libertarianism is something along the lines of "a political philosophy which holds that the use of force is only justifiable in defending persons and their property." From that one can flesh out the NAP and and...
  • Is working slavery?

    Im new to austrian econ and just got this comment (the quote below) in a debate with a socialist. Voluntary = slavery? lol. Can you give me your juicy info or links to books/podcasts learn more? "Apologetic economists... say:... [the worker's...
    by JonnyD
  • Just watched "Guns, Germs and Steel" on YouTube - implications to capitalism

    Here . It's long but it's worth it. I sense in Jared Diamond the same drive to seek the truth for truth's sake that you find in the writings of Mises or Hoppe. Truly refreshing coming from someone working in the anthropological field which...
    by Clayton
  • Liberty is not the ultimate value

    I have often heard it suggested that libertarianism is a philosophy or moral position where liberty is the ultimate value to which all other values take a back seat or something to this effect. The idea of "liberty as the ultimate value" is...
    by Clayton
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