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  • Best Fiction (Books or Movies) With a Theme of Freedom

    I feel like this could end up being a fun post. I still haven't read Atlas Shrugged, but I've heard from everyone that it's a great book and promotes the free market. What are some other good books and movies that support the idea of a free...
  • Liberals who came to be Ancaps, Minarchists, Libertarian, Whatever..

    Greetings, I'd like to compile a methodical list of literature by people who came from the liberal prespective. If you have been converted from Liberalism to Minarchism, or Liberalism to Anarchy of some sort I need your input. What I need is the list...
    by filc
  • Re: Books to Buy

    Those are both fantastic books. It would certainly be in your interest to add them to your library. It was my birthday last Sunday, so I got a heap of paper-and-ink. I'm going to buy the following: The Bastiat Collection Human Action Man, Economy...
  • Re: Regulations Creating the next great depression Interventionism IDK, I don't know whether to count the huge stuff about the fed or not but thats from Mises Media after two seconds...
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