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Ayaz Malik

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im ayaz malik CEO./Admin of Blasting Art Inc , An online art community 


  • Sat, Mar 14 2009
  • Art Contest on Blasting Art inc.

    Blasting Art Contest!!!

    lol what does that means!!! ok guyz this means that im announcing a contest for all of you artists to take part in. The contest is simple !!!

    Draw what you are good at digital, traditional, fan art, anime art etc. whatever just draw, and only one thing to keep in mind your art should promote This site Blasting Art. Its like an advertisement sort of contest. you can do any anime or typical advertisement type of site all we ask for is that it should be about Blasting Art. Here are some example Links

    example 1

    example 2

    example 3

    if you have any questions or need any stuff like Blasting Art's logo or other blast characters just drop me a message or comment this post. i will provide you with it.


    • Art must promote Blasting Art and Must have the link in it
    • File Size must not exceed 650kbs
    • File Formats should only be jpeg or png.
    • Users can submit more then one entry.
    • All sort of arts allowed (digital, traditional etc.)
    • Submissions Should be uploaded in the contest category.
    • Deadline Or ending Date: 10th April, 2009

    Winner Gets All!!

    1. 1 Year Subscription to Blasting Art Inc. (Whts that? Read Here)
    2. Your Artwork will be promoted on All Photo Pages of Blasting Art.
    3. Winner Gets 1000 Blast Money/Points.
    4. Winner will be promoted/feature on DA, Facebook and Youtube by me and nestty santa.

    More Prices/ Awards will be Added timely!!


    1. Ayaz Malik  (Admin)
    2. Nestty Santta  (Admin)
    3. jason  (wolf2217 on BA)
    4. Ted Olson  (Monkerzz on BA)

    Best of luck All

    Ayaz Malik

    Art Meets Entertainment

  • Sat, Feb 14 2009
  • Launch Of Blasting Art Inc.


    Just making an announcement that i have launched an online art community which will hopefully and successfully Compete the best art communities online. Please see and join to support me

    Blasting Art Inc, Where art meets entertainment

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