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  • Channel 4 documentary: Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story

    This Channel 4 documentary about Britain's national debt is very interesting, and it's views are commendable in a mainstream TV show. Unfortunately it's gone from the site tomorrow.
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by vekkna on Fri, Dec 10 2010
  • Card game design

    I'm designing a card game in which chemical industrialists compete over resources and machines to best satisfy shifting demand for goods. The game contains action cards which will represent the interventions of the State, ostensibly for the benefit of citizens but in fact for the benefit of the business who lobbied for the intervention. To this
    Posted to General (Forum) by vekkna on Thu, Apr 22 2010
  • Wages under inflation

    I've read in a few places that wages are affected by inflation and deflation later than other prices, but I can't find any books or articles that explain why this is so or that offer evidence to show that it is so. Can anyone please help me find something? Thanks.
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by vekkna on Mon, Jun 8 2009
  • Re: European Union

    Thanks for all these links. If anyone else is interested, I've found , and , which all look good. Anyone from Ireland could look at, which though just starting seems to have promise.
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by vekkna on Tue, May 5 2009
  • European Union

    I wonder if anyone can direct me to any books, articles or sites that discuss the EU in the same, critical way that this site does the US. There are so many fine thinkers here and elsewhere drawing attention to the mistakes that the White House and the Fed are making, but I haven't been able to find anyone doing the same for the EU and and ECB.
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by vekkna on Thu, Apr 30 2009
  • IMF to print billions

    Has anyone seen this?
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by vekkna on Wed, Mar 18 2009
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