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  • Re: Why does society inevitably choose non-Libertarianism?

    It is the nature of people to disagree and seek some power to resolve issues or conflicts. They voluntarily submit to the state, in its various forms. The state, by its own nature, proceeds to expand its original purpose, aided by people who seek special advantages or power over others. In time liberty is dead. Eventually the state collapses or a new
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by K.C. Farmer on Mon, Oct 26 2009
  • Re: Best U.S President ever

    The question should probably be rephrased to who was the least worst president. Calvin Coolidge was not all that bad. His first official act as President was to go back to bed. During an era where Government interventionism was on the rise, Coolidge exercised enough self-control to actually be attacked by critiques of lassez-faire government.
    Posted to History (Forum) by K.C. Farmer on Mon, Oct 26 2009
  • Re: Help me inspire my college freshmen students to love free-market capitalism!

    First and foremost, they need to understand that they should go after a career that is either directly or indirectly related to what they have a passion for. Money, prestige, social-consciousness, etc. all sound fine and dandy, but if you hate what you do you will be miserable. You'll produce far more as a happy, productive worker or business person
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by K.C. Farmer on Fri, Oct 23 2009
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