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  • Re: How is macro-economic wealth created?

    You post an excellent question. It seems to me to be the same one Adam Smith posed in the Wealth of Nations. Please reconsider your concept that the "cost" of any item is based on labor and land. I do not disagree, but the essence of the free market is not the analysis of the "roll up" of costs, but rather the "structure of
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by chloe732 on Thu, Nov 19 2009
  • Re: The strange appeal of socialism. Why?

    "The Strange Appeal of Socialism. Why?". A simple explanation: 1) N aiveté, 2) The desire to have our needs provided for by someone else, 3) The desire to control others, 4) The desire to blame others for our own failures. Under freedom, n aiveté evaporates as we must view our place in the world as it really is. Our desire is
    Posted to General (Forum) by chloe732 on Wed, Nov 18 2009
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