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  • Re: Any good libertarian fiction?

    Misesian-Randian Are those two... compatible? Stolyarov holds similar philosophical views as George Reisman, who was a student of both Mises and Rand.
    Posted to General (Forum) by Kenneth on Sun, Jan 1 2012
  • Re: Any good libertarian fiction?

    Has anybody read "Eden Against Colossus" by Misesian-Randian and futurist Gennady Stolyarov II? It's 446 pages so I want more reviews of it before ordering a copy. Here's the brief description: In the year 2753, after unparalleled technological and economic advancement within the Intergalactic
    Posted to General (Forum) by Kenneth on Sun, Jan 1 2012
  • Re: What would Murray Rothbard have done if he were president?

    He'd do the same thing Mises would have done. Resign! Libertarians need to learn the lesson of the Lord of the Rings. You cannot defeat power by power. I highly recommend everybody read Stefan Molyneux's "How NOT to Achieve Freedom". It will dash your hopes of achieving liberty through activism and politics. After that read "How
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Kenneth on Wed, Nov 9 2011
  • Re: This is what you can do with OccupyWallStreet

    I'd like to commend you for your effort in making a narration of Bastiat's "Government" essay. I thought you'd like to hear my suggestions and criticisms. The OWS protesters are by default collectivists. They believe that there is a "national economic pie" that is collectively produced but most of it today is in the hands
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Kenneth on Thu, Oct 27 2011
  • What are your thoughts on 'The Lexus and The Olive Tree" by Thomas Friedman

    He does not recognize the distinction between 'power and market' and thinks the IMF and WTO are free market institutions. He even says that European countries embrace free market capitalism while maintaining large welfare states. He views volatility in global financial markets during the past two decades or so as a consequence of the youth of
    Posted to General (Forum) by Kenneth on Sun, Jul 3 2011
  • Re: The showdown: Peter Joseph vs Stefan Molyneux

    I was pushed towards libertarian sources through watching Zeitgeist. These people are just looking for answers and there are well over ten million of them. Don't give up on converting the Zeitgeist crowd. Its a win-win situation because even if Peter Joseph refuses to argue, his supporters will be forced to think and reevaluate their position
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Kenneth on Thu, Feb 3 2011
  • Re: Labor Reallocation Walter Block's book is the only one I can think of which specializes in this. Maybe you the empirical data there can help you. But in any case, Austrian economics teaches that government intervention in the labor market, just like anywhere else, will always lead to relative
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Kenneth on Thu, Jan 6 2011
  • Ayn Rand versus Immanuel Kant on the subject of epistemology

    Does anybody here read literature on the Immanuel Kant vs Ayn Rand debate on epistemology? Is Rand an empiricist in the sense of Locke and Hume? I would think that her individualism is influenced by Locke's tabula rasa, all men are equal in the sense that they are born a blank slate and are differentiated through interaction with the environment
    Posted to History (Forum) by Kenneth on Wed, Jan 5 2011
  • Re: Labor Reallocation

    By labor reallocation you mean government acting like a college placement office? Well, there are a lot of problems with this. For one, the government cannot know who the right person is for the right job. It is best if the firm and the worker come together on their own terms without a middleman (government) messing around. The labor reallocation bureaucracy
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Kenneth on Wed, Jan 5 2011
  • Candidates for 'The State's Greatest Living Enemy'

    Let's have non-Austrians this time. I nominate Wikileaks founder Julian Assange , coolest looking one too. I've heard Stefan Molyneux's show is growing very rapidly.
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Kenneth on Wed, Dec 1 2010
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