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  • Re: Hello! Defector Here!

    I understand what you are saying- regarding the actual worth of the money if EVERYONE was given the money etc. But it was not an economic experiment it was an experiment on envy I believe. I will look for more info and post.
    Posted to Newbies (Forum) by Mike on Sun, Apr 18 2010
  • Re: Hello! Defector Here!

    Drace, I would say that most capitalist care about the poor and don’t love inequality. we have come to believe (most I assume through honest thought and study) that private property creates the most for the most people. that someone has a jet and a yacht, while others fly commercial and has a row boat is better than what has been shown to be the
    Posted to Newbies (Forum) by Mike on Sun, Apr 18 2010
  • Re: Perhaps Rand Paul isn't a neocon?

    [quote user="Bogart"] I know that the Republican Party is heading towards its doom over the idiotic topic of illegal immigration. So to win the primary he will have to be like his father and favor the Federal Government using force to keep illegal immigrants out while destroying liberty at the same time. [/quote] How is the topic of illegal
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Mike on Sun, Apr 18 2010
  • Re: If you're Australian, come here

    Sorry to hi-jack- (i'm not Aussie- but I have some friends there and love Aussie people). I had to reply that the US has a bill of rights - so that means something. Believe me - it means nothing. Politicians here laugh in your face, dems and Reps, when you mention the constitution. we do have a great history of freedom and charity and voluntary
    Posted to General (Forum) by Mike on Sat, Apr 17 2010
  • Re: Poverty Today?

    Look into the "chilean miracle". While not totally in line with AE it was a switch from socialsm to much more free markets. and they have been the leading SO. AM country ever since. Also to me the No/so Korea, East/West Germany and China - Taiwan - hong kong evidence is irrefutable. Profits are the only thing that allow the expansion of everything
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Mike on Sat, Apr 17 2010
  • Re: Decriminalize Nukes, Hookers and Heroin or Give The Statue of Liberty Back to France

    While I understand the Libertarian logic that freedom is basically an all or nothing deal – I believe Libs limit their (our) audience by discussing “radical” ideas that people are not ready to hear. I think the fight today should concentrate almost solely on the evils of government intervention in the economy. There is a large audience
    Posted to General (Forum) by Mike on Sat, Apr 17 2010
  • Re: Must See Movies

    I rarely watch movies - I despise the phony leftists that dominate hollywood and try not to support them However, the FIREFLY series and movie are awesome !! shows the struggle against a powerful state, characters are honorable and making money is not a crime. oh yeah the women are pretty hot and it is witty to boot. check it ooouuttt.
    Posted to General (Forum) by Mike on Fri, Apr 16 2010
  • Re: Which Austrians came from Keynesianism? from Friedman? from Other? always Austrian?

    Rothbards beliefs never changed from the time he was a kid- he went from "right" to "left" and back again only because that is where his pro- free market anti-war beliefs were to be found why the hell do people who don't know make statements like they do??? Rothbard was never a socialist.
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Mike on Fri, Apr 16 2010
  • Re: Glenn Beck about Nazism: is this accurate?

    Though I am new to this board and admit that I know nothing about everything – I still have the right to say this; the petty insults and personal attacks in this thread are embarrassing. I would think that such intelligent people would not need to result to such childish tactics. It is amusing that obviously intelligent people are tricked into
    Posted to History (Forum) by Mike on Fri, Apr 16 2010
  • Re: Believing in religion [today] and being an advocate of a stateless society...

    I am a non- believer – but am really bothered by the people who feel it to be their life’s work to destroy religion. Look at Europe for the parallel in the rise of socialism and the decline of Christianity. America is the most religious western country and also (as of today) the most individualist/free market. Coincidence? I think not I
    Posted to General (Forum) by Mike on Fri, Apr 16 2010
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