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  • Re: Religious anarchists; please explain

    Nielsio, I think Edgar did address a crucial point you raised in your original post, albeit in an unsatisfactory way. He rejects your presumption that religion is necessarily irrational and if this were true the rest of your points would become irrelevant
    Posted to General (Forum) by Koen Swinkels on Fri, Oct 5 2007
  • Libertarian Paradox

    Absolute freedom of speech seems essential in an anarcho-capitalist society. But is this really the case? In an anarcho-capitalist society not just the initiation of violence is forbidden but also the threat thereof. The state necessarily initiates violence and threatens to do so, and clearly this is not compatible with a free society. If you then live
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Koen Swinkels on Fri, Sep 28 2007
  • Re: The new forum

    excellent initiative and I reckon libertarianism can be covered as well?
    Posted to About (Forum) by Koen Swinkels on Sun, Sep 2 2007
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