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  • 5 Keys to a Successful Financial System?

    This just stated in my Econ 324 class, American Economic and Business History: These are the necessary components of a "good" financial system. Stable public finance and debt managements Stable money supply functioning banking system effective central bank Active securities market. How, oh how, do we combat this hypocrisy. They counteract
    Posted to My Two Cents... (Weblog) by csullivan on Fri, Oct 5 2007
  • Somalia story of the day--Worst in Corruption

    From this AP story : Somalia has been ravaged by violence and anarchy since warlords overthrew dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991 and then turned on one another. The current, U.N.-backed government was formed in 2004, but has struggled to assert any real control. So... the UN backed government has corruption problems... shocking!
    Posted to My Two Cents... (Weblog) by csullivan on Wed, Sep 26 2007
  • Somalia "worst governed nation" in Africa

    Just stumbled upon this article on Yahoo! News... Somalia was named and shamed Tuesday as the worst-governed country in sub-Saharan Africa in a survey of political performance across the continent... The foundation uses those measures to rank countries on five factors: safety and security; rule of law, transparency and corruption; participation and
    Posted to My Two Cents... (Weblog) by csullivan on Tue, Sep 25 2007
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