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  • Re: What kind of music do Austrians listen to?

    currently Linchpin by Fear Factory ;)
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by skylien on Mon, Feb 7 2011
  • Re: Milton on David

    @David Thanks! I highly appriciate your answer. Wow never thought that you made this step so early (Hm what was it that I thought of when I was 15..? I guess I tried to use the most economical way of getting through school while maximizing my time in playing Baldurs Gate ;). I know the Caplan essay and part of the following discussion, but I have no
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by skylien on Sun, Jan 30 2011
  • Re: Milton on David

    @ Sieben I am still on the minarchist side, since I had not enough time yet to read and think about law, enforcement, and punishment in an anarcho capitalist society. For this task it is nice to know what made people actually become ancaps. And while it is quite clear for me, who and what the most people in this forum and Mises Institute made change
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by skylien on Sun, Jan 30 2011
  • Re: Milton on David

    @ David Nice that you answer. May I ask you additional questions? First a few facts, please correct me if I got them wrong: - You emphasize that your are not an austrian but an chicagoan - You didn't like Rothbard, at least when its about the history of economic thought - As far as I know Rothbard was the first or at least one of the first who called
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by skylien on Sat, Jan 29 2011
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