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  • Re: I will Predict the Future - They Will Kill Other Boston Bomber Suspect

    Why create a second thread limitgov your post could have gone in to the other thread.
    Posted to General (Forum) by Jack Roberts on Fri, Apr 19 2013
  • Re: could boston attack on american soil been perpetrated by us government?

    I would not say that it was "the government" but rather the security industry itself. Which includes DHS/TSA/other government alphabet groups/local anti-terror groups and other local police and so on. The motive is to further interest in the security industry and everything that includes. Every few years they let off a bomb or two to increase
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Jack Roberts on Fri, Apr 19 2013
  • Re: Taxes passed on to consumers

    In the UK they have the sales tax or VAT, where businesses are exempt from paying sales tax on purchases but have to pay sales tax on sales of their goods and services to the government. This type of tax gets passed on to consumers pretty much directly. If the sales tax is increased the price for goods and services increases almost instantly.
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Jack Roberts on Fri, Mar 15 2013
  • Re: Say's Law refuted?

    I was recently in a discussion on a forum about this and this is how i tried to explain it to people who are not interested in economics. Did i get it wrong? Is this a bad way to explain it? The microwave has to exist before someone can purchase it. Investment comes before consumer spending. In the context of a discussion of how investment and spending
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Jack Roberts on Wed, Mar 13 2013
  • Re: Thoughts on Gender?

    The source of gender? Gender originates from the biological differences between male and females. All other types of activities that can not be attributed to that biological difference are probably not gender specific. But rather a part of the cultural role that has developed within the region, traditionally influenced by religious information, but
    Posted to General (Forum) by Jack Roberts on Wed, Mar 13 2013
  • Re: Ron Paul vs.

    I completely understand trying to claim the domains that are his own name and his name is a brand at this point. The owner would not hand over the .com domain and asked for an unreasonable sum for someone who is meant to be a fan. One thing to sell tshirts with Ron Paul face on it during an election but he has retired now, it can become a bit exploitative
    Posted to General (Forum) by Jack Roberts on Tue, Feb 12 2013
  • Re: Win/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS/WinPhone/other

    I just got my hands on the new blackberrry z10 (have to set it up for a guy at work) and I have to admit i realy like it. I currently have a blackberry 8520 from work that i use daily. I spend a lot time on my desktop at home and at work so i don't feel the need for a tablet or smart phone yet. But the new Z10 is awesome, if i was rich i would definitely
    Posted to General (Forum) by Jack Roberts on Wed, Feb 6 2013
  • Re: *** February 2013 Low Content Thread ***

    This obsession with military individuals in the US is disgusting. Big deal he murdered 200 people at super long range. What a hero. Give me a break. I didn't shed one tear for his death or the death of any military personnel. Why should i even care that he is dead?
    Posted to General (Forum) by Jack Roberts on Tue, Feb 5 2013
  • Re: *** February 2013 Low Content Thread ***

    I completely disagree that there has to be a consensus before we can reduce the size of government and have a reasonable society that does not require government. Everyone only has to agree that they have had enough of the current scenario. Once that occurs then we have to be weary of incorrect solutions, like more government spending. It is our job
    Posted to General (Forum) by Jack Roberts on Sun, Feb 3 2013
  • Re: These forums are closing: Come to LibertyHQ

    So when is this forum closing? I have made an account and will move over and stop posting here. I hope mises forum remains searchable. I would also advise on making a sticky post or a notification message or something above the active topics if the forum is realy going to move over. So that users that have not been for a while will know.
    Posted to General (Forum) by Jack Roberts on Mon, Jan 21 2013
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