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  • Re: How does the free market promote social progress?

    What exactly do you mean by women's/minority/gay rights &c.? That the members of these groups should have some rights in addition to the ones that I, white male 18-49, should have; or that their rights qua individuals are not being fully respected (in which case the terms are superfluous)? And I don't even want to know what "feminist
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Solomon on Sun, Jul 6 2008
  • Re: JBS YouTube : Political Spectrum

    [quote user="libertarianpaternalist"] Tell me where anarchy has led to a free liberal democratic society? Please tell me how anarchy can work in practice? [/quote] Tell us where a state has consistently safeguarded individual rights, or for that matter, where a state has not devolved into despotism in one form or another. Hmm, maybe it's
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Solomon on Thu, Jul 3 2008
  • Re: This week's dose of media lies and nonsense

    Having a funeral with a cardboard coffin might not be a bad idea. I've never understood why people are generally willing to make huge investments (i.e. $10000 casket) in a consistenly futile enterprise like dying.
    Posted to General (Forum) by Solomon on Fri, Jun 27 2008
  • Re: Video: Why Young People Should Become Free-Market Activists

    You may also want to add in a few of the more intuitive or less academic concepts of libertarian philosophy (e.g. self-ownership), just so your argument seems more justified (in my experience it seems that many people my age are immediately skeptical of anything involving private initiative or even opposition to state action).
    Posted to General (Forum) by Solomon on Fri, Jun 27 2008
  • Re: Argument Against Market-Anarchism? (transitional costs & human suffering)

    [quote user="Nitroadict"][quote] I suppose the easiest place to begin is: Market anarchism permits transitional costs to be paid in human suffering. There isn't even a floor to the amount of human suffering market anarchism permits. [/quote] I was wondering if anyone else ecnountered a similar argument against market-anarchism, perhaps
    Posted to General (Forum) by Solomon on Mon, Jun 16 2008
  • Re: Funny anti-RP article from my college's newspaper.

    Americans adore public services? Buses, post offices, libraries ?... Pffffffffffffft. Is it just me or are proponents of democracy all inordinately stupid?
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Solomon on Tue, Jun 10 2008
  • Re: The Race Card

    [quote user="dreamingoffreedominma"] The most recent one that really struck the wrong cord with me were the comments about race and my upbringing. To imply that I am in some way not entitled to an opinion because I am white and have been fortunate and lucky enough to have a nice upbringing really ticks me off.[/quote] Firstly there is no direct
    Posted to General (Forum) by Solomon on Thu, Jun 5 2008
  • Re: The psychology of happiness

    Libertarians, and austro-libertarians in particular, have never as far as I'm aware claimed that happiness lies in consumption, but rather that happiness is maximized when individuals have as much access as possible to things they believe will make them happy. I agree (albeit unmilitantly) with those opposed to consumerism (and have some sympathy
    Posted to General (Forum) by Solomon on Tue, May 27 2008
  • Re: Television Programming Quality

    [quote user="xSFx"] This guy claims that the market is the reason why television produces lots of low-quality entertainment and delivers misleading information[/quote] And the trend continues: education is terrible, so more state involvement is demanded; healthcare is too expensive, so people want the state to force others to pay for it; everything
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Solomon on Mon, May 12 2008
  • Re: Egalitarianism: Education Discussion with my Socialist Friend

    Here's an interesting article by Lew Rockwell on what things would be like if public schools were abolished.
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Solomon on Sat, May 10 2008
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