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  • Re: Capitalism, Greed, Corruption, Bribery and Child Labor

    Leftists certainly have dreamt up some pretty funny ideas about exploitation, huh? If you're arguing from a minarchist perspective (explaining anarcho-capitalism to statists to vindicate liberty is generally impossible and probably counter-productive) the solution to the possibility of a "greedy capitalist" hiring people to kill others
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Solomon on Wed, Apr 2 2008
  • Re: Mike Gravel

    [quote user="IrishOutlaw"] I don't care what kind of wing nut they are, if the are not for open borders they aren't libertarians. I don't know if you noticed, but the free market doesn't believe in, favor, and can not operate with closed borders. So I don't care what kind of dumb *** wants to call themselves a libertarian
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Solomon on Fri, Mar 28 2008
  • Re: Goal of Natural Rights Libertarians

    The syllogism is as follows (note: I use the term 'law' in the sense of 'natural law', which has legitimacy whereas state law does not): All laws ought to be followed. All rights are laws. Therefore all rights ought to be followed. A law by definition ought to be followed. So the major premise is true. A right always has the form "no
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Solomon on Wed, Mar 12 2008
  • Re: Interesting Argument Against Anarchism

    I fail to see the problem in the proposed situation. If any of the characters in the story dies of starvation/dehydration (other than in the trivial case wherein the healthy adult male decides to stop using the magical food dispenser cold turkey) it is not due to or even an effect of the man's inaction, but happens simply because that's what
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Solomon on Wed, Mar 12 2008
  • Re: Two red flags about this community...

    [quote user="snliii"]I'm often confused about people who call themselves libertarians. In most cases, they are socialists [/quote] Here's a good rule of thumb: libertarians want to abolish the state, and socialists want to make it omnipotent. [quote user="snliii"]3 months ago supported Ron Paul, but have now switched to Barak
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Solomon on Tue, Mar 11 2008
  • Re: 9/11 Conspiracy

    Whether the government was responsible for the destruction of the WTC is ultimately irrelevant. I would rather focus on explaining to people that the "terrorists" are neither boogeymen hiding under our beds, nor demons who hate us for our freedom (and how that phrase is becoming more and more laughable every day); but rather an obscure group
    Posted to History (Forum) by Solomon on Mon, Mar 10 2008
  • Re: Totalitarianism, well and alive in Europe

    [quote user="BWF89"]She kept saying that if smoking were banned in resteraunts they would actually make more money because of all the people who don't go to reseraunts as often as they'd like to because people area allowed to smoke there. I mentinoed that if there were really that many people the businesses would ban smoking themselves
    Posted to General (Forum) by Solomon on Mon, Mar 10 2008
  • Re: A VERY Interesting Case for Market Regulation

    Your friend appears to be a student of the ecological equivalent of Keynesian economics (a Keynesian ecologist). It seems to me that, if the predators were removed for whatever reason, the herd would not die out but simply reduce in number until it reaches equilibrium with its resources. On top of that the analogy is not only invalid but contrary to
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Solomon on Mon, Mar 10 2008
  • Re: 2nd amendment language argument

    [quote user="JCFolsom"]the Spartans were oppressive bastards who kept a whole race of slaves to practice their techniques on. They controlled every aspect of their citizen's lives and were one of the least free peoples ever.[/quote] Indeed. Sparta was, and in some circles still is, the paradigmatic collectivist state. However it's
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Solomon on Sat, Mar 8 2008
  • Re: History of Government?

    [quote user="Len Budney"]Statism arose as the patriarch came to be an institution. Anarchy has never actually existed, although at times in history the patriarch has been relatively weak, which gave scope to a kind of practical anarchism.[/quote] On the contrary; as Butler Shaffer put it "almost all of your daily behavior is an anarchistic
    Posted to History (Forum) by Solomon on Fri, Mar 7 2008
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