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  • India & Brazil

    My immediate concern on all Indian Information Technology businesses I have contacted so far comes from their monolingualism. Most of my clients do not speak English, have no interest in learning English, and expect to understand the new technologies with full telephone support in their own language. The Indian IT industry has the potential of overshadowing
    Posted to Rubén Rivero Capriles (Weblog) by Rubén on Wed, Mar 24 2010
  • Securitization vs. portfolio diversification

    Current investments seem to be interested in securitization rather than in small business financing. Bank lending for the benefit of actual business has shifted to ever more complex strategies for paper issuance. Portfolios are not broadly diversified due to this over-reliance on securitization that is seen as synonym of profitability. Neglecting tangible
    Posted to Rubén Rivero Capriles (Weblog) by Rubén on Wed, Feb 17 2010
  • Haiti Hospital; Bolívar fuerte devalued; Massachusetts; kids on social media

    "Haiti needs doctors. If you are a doctor or a nurse, or have a friend who is a doctor or a nurse who would like to go to volunteer some of their time and skills, please contact me, and I will do all the contact-leg-work for you and spare you the hassle. Please specify what kind of doctor you are, and when you are available." ( message from
    Posted to Rubén Rivero Capriles (Weblog) by Rubén on Wed, Jan 27 2010
  • Yemen, happy new year 2010!

    While I was enjoying the new year fireworks at Plaza Altamira in Caracas, I supposed that a few hours earlier, somewhere in Aden, there was a similar public celebration, perhaps smaller or maybe larger, to welcome 2010. People from Yemen with whom I've had a chance to chat seem proudly eager to show their antique skycrappers and other beauties from
    Posted to Rubén Rivero Capriles (Weblog) by Rubén on Sun, Jan 3 2010
  • Sowing Oil

    Seventy-three (73) years have ellapsed and Venezuelan agriculture, industry and education remain stagnant. The ideas expressed on the essay below, which constituted the unfollowed recipe for Venezuelan development during the twentieth century, remain as current as ever. Sowing oil stands by to be executed. We must effectively and immediately implement
    Posted to Rubén Rivero Capriles (Weblog) by Rubén on Sat, Dec 26 2009
  • Two Weeks for Venezuela and Japan

    Two hours became Two Weeks for Venezuela and Japan. This continuation gave me the opportunity to redraw a favorite theme that I have explored throughout my life wihich are country's flags. As usual in recent days, the cell phone camera does not do justice to the drawing . The left section misses a few centimeters worth of detailed linework, and
    Posted to Rubén Rivero Capriles (Weblog) by Rubén on Wed, Dec 16 2009
  • Two hours for Japan and Venezuela

    Through the LinkedIn online professional platform, in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, North America, Europe, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and especially in India I have had the opportunity of establishing interesting contacts for future commercial opportunities. On the contrary, within Japan and Venezuela I observe greater
    Posted to Rubén Rivero Capriles (Weblog) by Rubén on Sun, Dec 6 2009
  • Dos horas para el Japón y Venezuela

    A través de la plataforma profesional en línea LinkedIn, en Colombia, Brasil, Argentina, Norteamérica, Europa, Sudáfrica, Nigeria, Arabia Saudita, los Emiratos Árabes Unidos y especialmente en la India he tenido la oportunidad de establecer interesantes contactos para futuras oportunidades comerciales. Por el contrario
    Posted to Rubén Rivero Capriles (Weblog) by Rubén on Sun, Dec 6 2009
  • Pioneering African - South American 21st century trade standards

    The following projects welcome your comprehensive international financing and support: 1) Enrolling Nigerian, Congolese, Canadian and world youth at the School of Cinema and Television of Caracas 2) Promoting exchanges and exhibits between Jordanian, Nigerian, Japanese, Venezuelan and world artists and galleries. 3) Encouraging student and faculty exchanges
    Posted to Rubén Rivero Capriles (Weblog) by Rubén on Mon, Nov 30 2009
  • Establishing further ties between Africa and South America

    A long term goal could be to expand direct scheduled commercial airline and ocean freight service between South American and African countries through private investors willing to establish a true global infrastructure. Help from governments is certainly useful, but our political systems are generally prone to corruption and diverted resources. In terms
    Posted to Rubén Rivero Capriles (Weblog) by Rubén on Thu, Nov 19 2009
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