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  • Good morning Mr. President, time to get to work.

    2 hours till count down to the inauguration of America's first Black president, that is America's first most Socialist president since FDR, and 3 hours till he is the commander in chief personifying America as well as taking it's face. What truly a disgrace it is to have such an arrogant, unfaithful, blind, and an idiotic idiot who's
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Jimmy on Sun, Jan 25 2009
  • The Purchaing power of money

    Well to being first of all, simply, thoroughly, and to give a better understanding of the main pillar of American Money, what is it, what is its background, and why do we see it as a window to never ending happiness. Our journey takes us back to the land of Israel, Egypt, and Greece many of the first major Civilizations to introduce
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Jimmy on Sun, Jan 25 2009
  • A dead Republic to a USSA

    Well it's a department that is most revered in America, mostly hated, some give thanks to it, others despise it for it's strict police policies, but it invites fear into our society that had remain peaceful and prosperous for many years. And that department is none other than Homeland Security established by our very own soon to be former President
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Jimmy on Sun, Jan 25 2009
  • The Fateful Future of the United States

    The Dow Jones up 244.84 points, The US dollar looses against the Euro & Pound again, Insurgent and suicide attacks still remain a constant burden on US forces, Home foreclosures remain in the millions nationwide, and both Bank of America merged with Citigroup are in the talks of being of Nationalized. People think Obama's policies are the right
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Jimmy on Sun, Jan 25 2009
  • Bush's Legacy

    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. Benjamin Franklin A controversial, unpopular, complicated, and still suspicious even to this day as he had recently left Office for the new President elect Barrack Obama to take over. George W. Bush has been revered to been one of the worst
    Posted to History (Forum) by Jimmy on Sun, Jan 25 2009
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