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Democracy or not?

I'm wondering. If Democracy is that great how comes that the EU is undemocratic to the bones? The only people having rights to vote are politicians from the diverse countries, agreed there is an EU parlament, but the laws are suggeste by the EU commisson and those are the diverse ministeres of the countries. As you might know even those can not to controlled during their tenure of office, and well what nobody from our EU population can do is to file a suit against law breaking of their politicians. Fact is the EU countries have overvoted laws they themselves have decided. The result is an astonishing "nothing". So either democracy is a good thing than what hinders politicians to extend democracy? Well let's be honest, the just thing democracy is a good thing, as long as they are voted and then left alone. They promise anything before the vote and break everything with a smile thereafter. Well yes in the end they are just democratic legalized defrauders.... And they use this power to afflict every one..... And laws are arranged that anyone suffers under them but "Politicians". We in Germany have publich health care system and guess who does not fall below it. You just have one guess free.... We have mostly public system about pensions. Guess who has some extra laws regarding their pay-in duration? And guess who gets more than 90% of all Germans during their retirement age. One of our most well known politicians has accepted illegal donations for his party, and guess what he said about it. "I have them my promise not to betray them." Well if it's not a politician he will go to jail for such kind of things. This politician still's member of the parliament. This is also the one who has given up one of the most stable Fiat-money currencies for what? Another stupid and even less rigid fiat-money, and now we have the mess. More debts than ever, hardly bearable and well if one might thing they will pay it back.....