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War without declaration

As I hear from Stuxnet it was clear to me: The US is (again) in an undeclared war.

It seems I was right with it. Now let's see if someone attacks the US-military complex is it terrorism. If the US-military attacks other countries is that what?

So indeed the US are in war and the worst is, we don't know whom will be next. According to some other information. It's also inner republic war time: http://www.policymic.com/mobile/article/id/9163#comment-share-link. They are in war with someone who wants to end the US wars. I'm sorry, USA but you sucks. Especially most of your politicians, you CIA, FBI, and your armed forces. If you do not stop them, they will stop you. You can bet on it.

So let the flaming of this (me) German begin.